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Aesthetic Dental Transformations in Friendswood Many Friendswood and League City residents are enjoying the lasting benefits of aesthetic, or cosmetic, dentistry from Montz & Maher Dental Group. A stunning smile not only looks great, it makes you feel great!

When you first look in the mirror in the morning while brushing those gleaming babies, you remember; “Oh yeah, I fixed my teeth and they look incredible!”

When you smile, you are happy to show off your new beautiful grin. You feel poised and self-confident.

Most Common Cosmetic Treatments

  • Veneers are glass-like, wafer-thin covers that adhere to teeth. Porcelain veneers are sturdy and have the look of natural teeth. They correct chips, stains and misaligned teeth that do not require orthodontics.
  • Crowns correct more extensive tooth troubles. They are used in a variety of situations such as the final restoration following a root canal or to restore teeth damaged by decay or injury.
  • Dental implants are often the best option to replace a missing tooth. They are the most effective smile restoration option for a gap.
  • Professional tooth whitening is the least invasive and fastest way to brighten your smile several shades. One of the most popular systems is called Zoom!.

Montz and Maher Dental Group offer expert care in cosmetic dentistry. If you’re nervous about dental care, we also offer sedation dentistry. Call us today to get reliable information about improving your smile.


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