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Get Great Restorative Dentistry Results in Friendswood TX

Dental Crown and Dental Bridge Services for Friendswood

stock_restoMissing, broken, or damaged teeth undermine confidence and affect whole body health. Dr. Montz and his associates are dedicated to giving their patients smiles that look brilliant and function seamlessly, even after damage or decay. We provide innovative restorative dentistry services that can repair and rebuild teeth after infection, trauma, or disease.

If you are unhappy with your smile now, you don’t have to continue bearing that displeasure. You can reverse even extensive damage right here in our Friendswood office with CEREC dental crowns, lifelike dental bridges, or durable dental implants. After one consultation with our friendly dental team, our professionals will know exactly what to do to restore your flawless smile!

A Stable Smile with Restorative Dentistry

Prepare to enjoy your favorite foods, speak with ease, and smile with confidence again. Your restorative dentistry procedure may only require one visit to either of our Pearland or Friendswood offices. A decayed or infected tooth can be instantly repaired with a CEREC dental crown.

We also provide full-mouth reconstruction services, which could involve a customized plan to repair your damaged smile. Dental implants or a dental bridge can be used to replace teeth that are missing or weak. You may be surprised by the beauty and health that our restorative dentistry options can offer your smile!

Whether you need a dental crown, dental bridge, or a full set of dentures, you can depend on us for a new smile that looks and feels incredibly natural. We also combine our restorative dentistry services with cosmetic and general dental care to guarantee you a smile that you will love for a lifetime.

Recover Healthy Teeth and Gums

31Dr. David Montz & Associates also incorporate eliminating gum disease into their restorative dentistry repertoire. Gum disease affects about 80% of adults, and while it begins with simple symptoms like swollen and bleeding gums, it can lead to tooth loss and jawbone deterioration if the disease isn’t treated.

We can prevent detrimental damage to your smile with periodontal therapy. We can treat your gums with deep cleaning methods like root planing and scaling, or we can provide you with antibiotics that will relieve your gum disease. If you have already experienced tooth or jawbone loss, we can install dental implants topped with a dental crown or dental bridge to restore your gorgeous smile.

Are you ready to renew your confidence and transform your smile with our stunning dental restorations? If your smile is suffering, call us right away to schedule your consultation at our nearby Friendswood dentist office. We work with patients all over the Houston area, including Pearland and League City!

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