Snap On Smile

Snap-On Smile for Friendswood, TX

An Immediate Transformation: The Snap-On-Smile

snap on smile Pearland and League CityWe believe that a sensational smile should be accessible to all of our Friendswood and Pearland patients. Dr. David Montz & Associates provide a wide variety of affordable cosmetic options, including Snap-On-Teeth.

Patients love using the beautiful Snap-On-Smile as substitute to tooth veneers or other aesthetic treatments. Why wait to achieve a flawless smile? With Snap-On-Smile, nothing is preventing you from smiling proudly at your next big event, meeting, or get together.

Snap-On-Teeth snap over your existing smile to give you instant access to a perfect smile. If you have crooked teeth, chipped teeth, gaps, or missing teeth, you can use the Snap-On-Smile for a temporary or convenient route to a stunning appearance.

Your Snap-On-Teeth are a lot like custom tooth veneers. They will be fashioned to fit you comfortably, and are easy to clean and maintain. The difference between tooth veneers and Snap-On-Teeth is that your Snap-On-Smile can be removed at your discretion.

Restore Missing Teeth with Your Snap-On-Smile

snap on teeth and tooth veneers Friendswood and PearlandIf you are lacking confidence because of one or more missing teeth, a Snap-On-Smile could be used in place of a partial denture or removable dental bridge. The Snap-On-Teeth will be held in place by artificial teeth that slide easily over your remaining natural teeth. When you choose a Snap-On-Smile instead of a fixed bridge, your dentist won’t have to prepare your natural teeth or bond a permanent prosthetic.

Snap-On-Smile is affordable, flexible, and convenient. It can be a great temporary fix while your cosmetic dentist creates a customized treatment plan for you, or a long-term smile improvement for special occasions.

This highly conservative solution has been the ideal fix for hundreds of hopeful patients. We want to talk with you about your Snap-On-Smile, and a potential cosmetic treatment plan that could fulfill all of your dental needs. Give us a call at our Friendswood office today if you are in the Pearland area, including League City!