Oral Conscious Sedation

Relieve Your Dental Fear

oral conscious sedation Pearland and League City to conquer dental fear FriendswoodOral sedation is a form of conscious sedation that involves the administration of anti-anxiety prescription medications. It has given countless patients the peace of mind they need during a dental procedure. Oral sedation is one of our patients’ favorite methods for overcoming dental fear and anxiety.

Some common oral sedation medications include Valium, Xanax, and Halcion. Oral sedation is designed to decrease your fear response and quell all of your anxious feelings. With oral sedation, you can have a calm, comforting dentistry experience.

When you take oral sedation, you will be awake throughout your visit, but you should have little recollection of your dental appointment. You will still be able to respond to your dentist’s questions and commands during the procedure, which makes this a choice sedation dentistry method.

A Single-Day Transformation with Oral Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is available to relieve dental fears for patients near League City and Friendswood.
Oral sedation can also be used for patients who have one or more lengthy dental procedures they would like to complete. Even if you don’t suffer from severe dental fear, conscious sedation can give you the tolerance you need to calmly sit through extensive appointments. Oral sedation can help you achieve your dream smile.

Oral sedation can:

  • Relieve dental fear
  • Help you sit through lengthy appointments
  • Reduce strong gag reflexes

If you choose oral sedation for your dental needs, be sure to inform your dentist of any medications you may be on. Additionally, make sure you have a ride to and from your appointment. We care about your safety!

Put an End to Dental Fear in Friendswood!

On top of oral sedation, we also provide laughing gas and IV sedation to round out our sedation dentistry care. Let us help you on a path to a healthier and happier smile. Give us a call today if you are in the Friendswood, Pearland, or League City area!

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