Oral Conscious Sedation

We Invite You to Overcome Dental Fear
Enjoy the Effects of Oral Conscious Sedation

oral conscious sedation Pearland and League City to conquer dental fear FriendswoodOral sedation has given countless patients the peace of mind they need to improve their oral health and aesthetic. Patients from Friendswood and Pearland, Texas, will be warmly welcomed into our office, which is full of patient luxuries, state-of-the-art equipment, and sedation dentistry options. Oral sedation is one of our patients’ favorite methods for overcoming dental fear.

Oral sedation is a form of conscious sedation that involves the administration of anti-anxiety prescription medications. Some common oral sedation medications include Valium, Xanax, and Halcion. Oral sedation will decrease your fear response and quell all of your anxious feelings.

First, you should come into our Friendswood office to speak with our sedation experts about your conscious sedation options. If you decide together that oral sedation is the right way to get the better of your dental fear, Dr. Montz will prescribe the anti-anxiety medication to you. You will proceed to take the recommended dosage shortly before your next appointment.

Patients appreciate conscious sedation because they remain awake throughout their visit, but their memories of their time in the office fade afterwards or instantly disappear. You will be able to respond to your dentist’s questions and commands during the procedure, but you won’t remember the sights, sounds, or smells that occurred during your appointment.

A Single-Day Transformation with Oral Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is available to relieve dental fears for patients near League City and Friendswood.
Oral sedation can also be used for patients who have one or more lengthy dental procedures they would like to complete. Even if you don’t suffer from severe dental fear, conscious sedation can give you the tolerance you need to calmly sit through extensive appointments. When your procedures are complete, you will walk out of the office with a beautiful and strong smile, even if you feel like your procedure was no longer than a minute or two!

Oral sedation can:

  • Relieve dental fear
  • Make long appointments possible
  • Reduce strong gag reflexes

On top of oral sedation, we also provide laughing gas and IV sedation to round out our sedation dentistry care. We are confident we can eliminate your dental fear with one of our safe conscious sedation techniques. Let’s get you on a path to a healthier and happier smile. Give us a call today if you are in the Friendswood area, from Pearland to League City!

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