Sedation Dentistry

Caring Dentists Offer Patient Comforts in Friendswood

Ease Your Anxiety with Safe Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentist Friendswood and League CityWould you be surprised to find out that almost 75% of Americans suffer from some level of dental anxiety? If the idea of sitting in the dental chair stresses you out, you’re a part of the vast majority of adult dental patients.

If you have been avoiding important dental check-ups and procedures, you can take control of your health today. Our caring professionals warmly invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss your sedation dentistry options right here in Friendswood.

We go above and beyond just offering beloved patient amenities, entertainment, luxurious facilities, and gentle patient care. We provide several dental sedation methods that can change your perception of dentistry for good at both of our practices in Friendswood and Pearland!

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is a sedation dentistry option that is perfect for patients with mild dental anxiety. When you come into our office for your appointment, we will place the mask over your nose. You can deeply breathe in the relaxing gas, and within minutes, you will feel confident and at ease.

Once your visit is complete, we will provide you with 100% oxygen so that you can breathe the laughing gas out of your system. Laughing gas dental sedation comes with ZERO side effects, so you can easily drive home on your own.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Are you hoping for an easy way to eliminate your dental fears? Our sedation dentist may recommend oral conscious sedation, which involves taking a prescription pill shortly before your dental visit.

With oral conscious sedation, most patients will remain awake throughout the procedure, and will be able to respond to the questions and commands of their sedation dentist, but they won’t remember the details of their experience.

IV Sedation

dental sedation for Friendswood and PearlandAnother sedation dentistry option, but one that not all dentists provide, is IV sedation. IV sedation is the ideal dental sedation solution for patients who have severe dental phobias, medical complications, or would like to complete several treatments in a single appointment.

We have also developed a website dedicated to sedation dentistry,, to better answer your sedation dentistry questions and concerns, such as:

  1. What is sedation dentistry?
  2. How does dental sedation work?
  3. What types of dental sedation are available at David C. Montz DDS, PA & Associates?
  4. Is sedation dentistry right for me?
  5. And several other frequently asked questions about dental sedation.

We would be pleased to help you decide which dental sedation technique is the best choice to soothe your dental fears. If you are interested in enhancing your dental experience with sedation dentistry, give us a call today. It’s time to maximize your oral health and aesthetic confidence! Call us about sedation dentistry today at our Friendswood dentist office! We love making dentistry more enjoyable for everyone in the Houston area, from Pearland to League City, so don’t wait any longer!

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