Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas for Friendswood, Pearland, and League City Texas Dental Patients

Sit Back and Relax with Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas dentist Pearland and League City to conquer fear of the dentist FriendswoodIf your fear of the dentist is causing you to avoid regular dental visits and procedures, you may be damaging your overall health. This cycle of dental stress may be impossible to overcome by yourself, so we provide the perfect solution at our Friendswood practice.

Laughing gas is a mild form of dental sedation that will allow you to feel calm and comfortable during any dental visit at either of our dentist offices in Friendswood or Pearland. We want you to come see us, and we want you to enjoy the results of a healthy, clean, and beautiful smile. Sometimes, the best way to conquer fear of the dentist is with gentle sedation dentistry.

Laughing gas is effective, yet safe. Many of our patients prefer this form of sedation because it goes easy on their bodies, and dissipates immediately after their appointment.

Laughing gas is also simple to use: You will inhale the gas through a breathing mask placed over the nose. Within moments, you will notice a warm and soothing sensation wash over you.

While most sedation methods require the patient to bring a friend or family member to the appointment for transportation home, laughing gas wears off exceptionally quickly. Even if you enjoy an anxiety-free laughing gas appointment, you will still be able to drive yourself home afterwards. The effects of the sedation will last throughout your appointment, but you will feel like yourself almost immediately after you leave our office.

Many patients have found success in enhancing their dental experiences and eliminating their fear of dentistry with laughing gas. Patients report benefits like:

  • Increased comfort for a more pleasant time in the dental chair
  • An emotional and mental sense of well being
  • Shorter recovery time than other more intensive forms of dental sedation
  • Easy for your dentist to administer and adjust based on your needs

Some patients wonder what they should expect when they choose laughing gas sedation. This safe gas induces a euphoric feeling which is responsible for its commonly used nickname: “laughing gas”.

Lose Your Fear of the Dentist with Laughing Gas in Friendswood

Fear of the dentist can be overcome for patients near League City and Friendswood thanks to laughing gas.
Come see Dr. Montz for a consultation to determine if laughing gas is the best form of dental sedation for you. After your initial consultation, you won’t have to remember to do anything before your next checkup, cleaning, or procedure. When you walk into our office, our qualified staff will place a mask comfortably over your nose, and you can begin inhaling the gas mixed with oxygen before your tranquil appointment hour.

You can learn more about our other sedation dentistry options by exploring our website, especially our sedation dentistry page. We are committed to your comfort. We want you to enjoy optimal oral health and a beautiful smile, even if fear of the dentist has been a limitation for you in the past.

To schedule your Friendswood dental sedation consultation, call today! We work with everyone in the area, from Pearland to League City, so don’t wait any longer!

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