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Effective Sleep Apnea Treatment In Friendswood

What is Sleep Apnea?

sleep apnea treatment League City and FriendswoodSleep Apnea is a common sleeping disorder. Sleep apnea occurs when your breathing becomes interrupted during sleep. Many patients experience 5 to 100 breathing pauses, known as “apneas,” in a single night! Sleep apnea is often caused by something obstructing your airway, such as your tongue or soft tissues in the mouth. In some cases, the cause of sleep apnea is undiagnosed.

As you experience apneas, it results in less oxygen reaching your brain. This negatively affects your deep sleep cycle. When you’re not getting enough deep sleep, your body doesn’t have a chance to recharge itself. This causes morning headaches, fatigue, and drowsiness during the day.

There are two types of sleep apnea: obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and central sleep apnea. Your dentist can help treat OSA.

What are the Dental Treatments for OSA?

Diagnosis for OSA is done through a medical doctor. Once you know you have OSA, there are a few treatments available. We often recommend oral appliance therapy. With oral appliance therapy, you’ll receive a custom dental splint. The splint is designed to keep your jaw in proper position so that your airway isn’t restricted. With an open airway, you’ll be able to breathe easier.

What is the benefit of Oral Appliance Therapy?

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  • Easy To Wear: Your oral appliance should slide comfortably into place.
  • Portable: Oral appliances are small and discreet. You can easily carry them in your luggage or purse while traveling.
  • Cost Effective: Oral Appliance Therapy is typically more affordable than many OSA treatments available today.

How Do I Get Started?

During your OSA appointment, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth. The mold will then be sent to a lab to create a custom oral appliance for you. At your second appointment, your dentist will make sure the appliance fits comfortably and snugly in your mouth.

It may be necessary to have adjustments made to the device. Once both you and your dentist are satisfied with the appliance, you may take it home and begin using it. It’s that simple!

Get Treatment Today!

We work with patients from all over the Friendswood, League City, and Pearland areas. It’s time to reclaim your sleep. Call our office today to learn more about sleep apnea treatment!

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