Give Me Some Air: Advanced Dentistry in League City

Advanced Dentistry in League City

How long have dentists been drilling teeth? Would you believe 9,000 years? In an ancient graveyard in Pakistan, archaeologists uncovered skulls containing teeth that had undergone drilling. The stone-age dentists removed decay using drills constructed of sharpened flint. Though advanced dentistry in League City would not be possible without drilling, the high-pitched drone of a…

Canted Midline: Your Dentist in Friendswood TX Explains

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At Dr. David Montz DDS, PA & Associates, your dentist in Friendswood TX, we consider many factors when designing a smile for any smile makeover patient. One of the smile design elements involved is the facial midline.¬†The facial midline can be established by drawing an imaginary line from the center of the eyebrows to the…

Helping Teeth Survive Adolescence

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Your teen’s diet and oral hygiene habits go a long way in keeping their smiles healthy for life. Be sure to schedule yearly cleanings at David C. Montz DDS, PA & Associates – Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry.